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We love tackling hard technical problems. The ones that really make you think and wonder if they actually can be done- yeah, those are our favorite.

Whether its big data that needs to be easy to read by end users or sales reps trying to get the latest updated sales data at the touch of their fingertips we love solving problems

  • Craig, we wouldn’t have truly globalized research if it wasn’t for Rodin. Your creativity, technical expertise and leadership brought us here. Thanks

    — MaryJo Zaborowski - Global Head of Informatics Hoffman La Roche
  • It's really come a long way ... This can be a game changer on ramps and Inside Sales and Customer Success accounts!

    — Michael Poe - Senior Vice President Customer Success and Inside Sales, Service Source

Who We Are


It’s nice to meet you. We’re an international team of engineers, designers, writers, and innovators. When it comes to software, technology, marketing, and business process improvement, we’re always looking into the latest developments and thinking up what hasn’t been thought of yet.

With our international reach and connections, we like to think we’re the perfect mix of hard-working spirit, knowledge depth and breath, and entrepreneurial pizazz.

Janell Scherbarth

Project Management

Chanchal Agarwal


Craig Strickland

Software Architect

Tacio Domingos

Business Analyst

Ariel Ryan

Technical Writer

Sweta Shree

Graphic Design

What we do


Native apps for any platform. Windows 95? No problem.


We have contacts nationwide and internationally to assist


We’re big fans of easy to use and intuitive software.

Hybrid Apps

Need it to run in a browser and on every phone and desktop? We can do that.


We easily work with all apps stores


Not sure which direction or even what possibilities exist? We can help turn your imagination into reality.

Big Data

Gathering, tracking and analyzing vast amounts of data is challenging. We'll improve the pipeline

Cloud Architecture

Transitioning your existing IT assets to cloud based infrastructure

Rescue Projects

Dont worry, we dont judge. We'll help bring your project back on track.

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What we've done

Our clients asked. We answered. Here are just a few problems we’ve solved in the past.

Snap Walk


Hospitals, particular large hospital campuses, are challenging to navigate. Since the navigation is predominantly indoors, GPS doesn’t reach visitors mobile devices.


In 2013 we delivered the first internal GPS mobile app of its kind using internal Wifi signals. Hospital visitors downloaded the mobile app upon visit and were able to navigate to their destination within the hospital in realtime following the glowing blue beacon.

ServiceSource - Automated Sales Knowledge (ASK)


The client needed a system that would allow their sales reps to access all their sales knowledge while on a sales call. This included document upload, photos, and a UI that made all of this information easily accessible.


We developed ASK, a sophisticated system that not only included these features but also dove into their internal sales knowledge systems and inserted the data into an automated prompt. In addition, we delivered a prototype browser extension that scanned web pages and delivered relevant sales information back to ASK.

Enterprise Electric - Time Management


An electrical subcontractor needed a mobile to desktop hourly clocking system for its employees


We delivered a mobile app which managers scan in employees via QR code on the job site, which in-turn collaborates with the home office software. The home office software implemented numerous state and federal payroll regulations and allowed the business to approve and submit hours to payroll

Campbell Marketing - Crashparts


An automotive client needed millions of rows of competitive pricing data from third-party vendors all across the web.


We created an automated system that harvested this vast data, curated and delivered the analyzed marketing report to our clients.

Hoffman La Roche - Rodin


Bioinformatics, cheminformatics, and genomics data were in various disconnected silos across the global organization. Through this disconnect, researchers were conducting the same experiments multiple time


We architected, authored, deployed and supported Rodin - a research informatics data capture and knowledgebase built across genomics, bioinformatics, cheminformatics and assay data warehouses improving international collaboration across project teams.

MDL/Elsevier - SMART


A client asked for an inventory system for small to medium size biotech samples and reagents.


We created a database that housed samples and reagents company-wide. It tracked where they were located and also where they were within the science cycle.


Feel free to contact us and we’ll have a strategy pow-wow to see how we can help.


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